Endovenous Laser Ablation for Varicose Veins: The CoolTouch CTEV 1320 nm Laser

There is no reason to continue enduring the pain, discomfort and unsightly disfigurement that is often caused by varicose veins. Many people have put off treatment thinking they would have to face vein stripping, which is major surgery requiring hospitalization, general anesthesia, several weeks of recovery time, and results in significant scarring, pain and other potential risks and complications. The CoolTouch CTEV 1320 nm offers a virtually pain-free, quick and highly successful treatment alternative that gets you back to your life on the same day.

There are several different endovenous lasers on the market today. The single most critical component that determines the overall success of endovenous laser treatment is the laser’s wavelength.

The CoolTouch CTEV laser has a 1320 nm wavelength, which has been found to be one of the most comfortable and effective laser treatment for varicose veins. The 1320 nm wavelength requires less heat to close the vein than Diode lasers, which have an 810, 940 or 980 wavelengths. The high heat generated by Diode lasers can actually rupture the vein causing significant pain, swelling and bruising.

With the CoolTouch CTEV, you will receive the best results available. You will experience minimal if any, pain, bruising or post-op complications and the success rate approaches 100% in some studies.


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