Leg Vein / Varicose Vein / Spider Vein Consultations

At The Leg Vein Clinic, Gold Coast, Dr Varcoe performs all consultations and leg vein treatments. Nurses are not used for treating any patients. Only vein disorders are treated – we do not offer a smorgasboard of other procedures.

Consultation Procedure

Because every case is different, and because veins visible on the surface often have deeper sources hiding underneath, it is impossible to provide an accurate cost estimate over the phone. Appearances are often deceiving: what looks simple to you may actually be more complicated to treat, and what looks complicated may actually be simple to treat. We therefore offer consultations by appointment. This is not a cursory glance at your veins. Vein disease is in fact a medical problem, and we treat it as such. We therefore allow the time for the attention to detail necessary to make an accurate diagnosis, and to answer any questions you may have before you leave the clinic.

After a careful review of your medical history and concerns, most leg vein patients receive a painless duplex ultrasound examination to determine if there is any underlying cause for your surface veins. Based on the specific findings in your case, Dr. Varcoe will:

  • Discuss any specific findings
  • Advise on the need for any further investigations
  • Review the pros and cons of all treatment options appropriate for your case
  • Provide extensive notes about all aspects of the treatment
  • Provide you with a written confirmation of the exact cost for the treatment that you require
  • With your permission, a brief report will be sent to your referring or primary care doctor as a courtesy

This consultation takes approximately 30 minutes (depending on the complexity of the case), including duplex ultrasound examination.  Most of this fee is recoverable from Medicare. All patients receive a very detailed information sheet that explains all aspects of treatment.

Medical Insurance and Medicare

Payment is due at the time each service is rendered. A detailed, properly itemised statement of fees is provided for each visit, and this can be sent to your insurance company if appropriate.

UPDATE!   As of November 2012 rebates have changed.  Please refer to this web page for more information about medicare rebates for varicose vein treatments.


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