Questions about varicose veins, spider veins and treatment

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1Am I too fat for a procedure?Multiple
2But don't we need all the veins we are born with?Leg Vein FAQ's
3Can I continue with my usual sporting activities?Multiple
4Can I walk and drive straight having Laser Treatment to my veins?Multiple
5Can varicose and spider veins return even after treatment?Leg Vein FAQ's
6Can you get rid of my leg veins (spider or varicose?)Multiple
7Do I feel the fibre going up my leg with Laser Treatment?Multiple
8Do I need someone to come with me when I have laser treatment on my varicose veins?Multiple
9Do I need time off work after treatment for spider or varicose veins?Multiple
10Do you use saline for injection?Multiple
11Does Laser hurt?Multiple
12Does this also apply to spider veins?Multiple
13Does treatment "cure" large varicose veins?Leg Vein FAQ's
14Does your office offer other cosmetic services, such as liposuction, face peels, etc.?Leg Vein FAQ's
15Don't some doctors treat just the bulging surface veins?Leg Vein FAQ's